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Articles about organic Instagram growth & strategy. Founder of The Minimalist Wardrobe — a +200k community on Instagram. New posts:

I was lucky, but you can learn from my luck.

I started @theminimalistwardrobe in 2017 for two reasons. I wanted to create an audience for a business I was planning, while at the same time wanting to learn the game of Instagram.

At the time I had an existing business with its own Instagram account, but I was too afraid to try things out. I was stuck in my safe routine. What would my customers think if I suddenly posted 8 posts one day? Would they be annoyed? Is it weird if I post something else than my products?

These were the insecurities I had, and a fresh account with…

All great posts on Instagram have something in common

No formula will make all of your Instagram posts go viral, but there are a few things you can do to maximize the performance of each post.

It’s not about timing your posts perfectly, always using 25 hashtags, or applying the ‘Clarendon’ filter. There are no easy tricks or hacks to significantly boost your posts (which also applies to your Instagram strategy as a whole).

However, I’m not here to tell you that it requires a lot of work either. …

Set yourself apart from the masses and crush Instagram in 2020

With over one billion active users, it’s getting increasingly hard for accounts to grow on Instagram. Some even say that organic growth is impossible nowadays.

It’s not. There are still accounts that thrive, despite all the competition — and all of these Instagram accounts have a handful of traits in common.

The most interesting part is that none of them require any special skills or big budgets.

No, they’re childishly easy to implement and set yourself apart from the masses.

Why so few are doing so is beyond me.

1. Not All of Their Posts Are Optimized for Highest Possible Engagement

“If you try to be everything to everyone, soon you’ll be…

Being interesting doesn’t equal being influential

Just because someone has a lot of followers on Instagram doesn’t automatically mean they have any influence over their audience. It’s possible to be a fun person to follow, without having any authority whatsoever. In fact, this is the rule, not the exception.

I’ve consulted businesses who have worked with so called influencers, been kind one myself, and helped people with large audiences get deals with brands, so I’ve seen this from every side. It’s clear to me that most people, including myself, don’t have significant influence over masses of people.

People with a big following simply have the ability…

And 4 things each post have in common

Four framed photos of illustrated giraffes on a white wall
Four framed photos of illustrated giraffes on a white wall

I get most of my followers through posts that reach an audience beyond my own. The usual number is in the hundreds per post, but occasionally, I manage to get everything right with the post and gain over 1,000 new followers.

There are four things to master: the photo, the caption, the commentability, and the right hashtags. Get these right, and you’ll get in front of new people. If your profile is in order, that will result in a wave of new followers every time you post.

Let’s look at the four posts — which I’ve included stats for —…

Think of it as the engine for your main account

Two women standing back-to-back hold up a picture frame against a bright yellow and red background
Two women standing back-to-back hold up a picture frame against a bright yellow and red background

Main brand accounts aren’t good for driving growth via Instagram. They serve an important role in other ways, such as product and service updates, success stories from users, customer service, giving a quick overview of your offering, and tips to get the most out of what your customers are buying.

In fact, people expect brands to have an Instagram account for these reasons, and you should go above and beyond with everything mentioned.

That is to say, the main Instagram account for your business is geared toward your existing customer base, as well as those who are already actively looking…

A crash course on a skill that’s only becoming increasingly important.

Value propositions (or props) are the benefits a product or service is providing. They’re why someone should care about what you’re selling, and are most commonly used in ads and the copy on your site.

Sadly, they don’t get get as much love as they deserve. Value props are the essence of your marketing and sometimes businesses even leave them out completely from their ads.

I’ve seen marketing campaigns with sophisticated target audiences — with ads that basically say “Buy product X now. We have free shipping.” Then when results are poor, the solution is to find a better audience.

How business owners should be preparing for a new era of online selling.

The importance of social media for businesses has always been a controversial subject. Many think the ROI is too small and the effort is better spent somewhere else.

Of course, the matter isn’t black and white. It depends on what you’re selling, and how you approach it.

Nevertheless, it’s a valid point. Instagram and other social media are certainly not worth it for all businesses. I don’t see a corporate law firm ever needing an Instagram strategy.

But even Instagram suitable e-commerce businesses, such as clothing and cosmetics brands, could’ve been better off focusing their efforts on multiple other things…

Turns out that it’s pretty easy to trick yourself into a certain mindset.

The most inspiring Reddit post I’ve ever read is a 342-word rant about how it’s impossible to give a fuck while eating an apple.

How do you eat an apple? You just fucking bite it. Where? Who the fuck cares where. You know where to bite. In the APPLE part. You chomp the fuck into that apple and you rip it the fuck apart.

Look at yourself. You’re a god damned bad ass. The number of fucks you give is decreasing rapidly.

At first, I laughed about the absurdity and creativity of the write-up, but there was a real lesson…

How less notable brands and figures can get the blue tick.

If you’ve ever googled how to get verified, you know that all guides warn you that whoever tries to sell you a verification is scamming you.

I can assure you that’s not the case.

Sure, there are scammers out there, but you can absolutely buy yourself a blue tick on Instagram. I know of several people who’ve done so.

To be clear, I’m not in the business of providing this type of service, nor am I affiliated with anyone doing so. I don’t intend to link publicly to the marketplaces where this is happening either.

I’m just annoyed with “credible”…

Sebastian Juhola

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